Our first collection explores the relationship between people and everyday environments. Combining our ethos with community, Vol. 1 aims to capture the essence of Hear Not Listen in places our products were built for. More importantly, to capture the silent dynamic between people in places that makes these relationships and moments special. From choppin’ it up in the barbershop to feverishly diggin’ through crates in search of that gem, Vol. 1 offers an assortment of items that are physical advocates for those who speak the same language and uphold the same attitudes in any setting.

For our first collection, Hear Not Listen offers an assortment of contemporary lifestyle pieces that are built to last. From our line of essential everyday staples consisting of a hoodie, sweatshirt, tee and socks to our conceptual offerings that use graphics and print to pay homage to cultural moments, Vol. 1 aims to capture the essence of what we do and who we are. 

Vol. 1, is now available worldwide via our web store.

Photography: Reece James Morrison
Video: Reece James Morrison
Production Assistance: Mia Green
Styling Assistance: Mia Green
Main Cast: Youssoupha Dieng , Peter Fearon, Kate Renney, Mariam Mirza
Location: Birmingham, England